ACT Questions Explained: Reading Question 10

This is a walk-through of ACT Practice Test 1, Reading Question 10, from pg. 182 of the ACT Red Book (the only book that has *real* ACT questions/tests).

*Answer Choice F: The passage does suggest that Fran’s mother is dying of cancer, and it’s reasonable to think that a person would want to see her great-grandson before she dies. However, the passage does not indicate that this is why Fran’s mother urges Fran not to put off contacting Linda Rose. Remember, the correct answer isn’t what makes sense or what would likely be true in the real world. The correct answer choice is the “on-point restatement” – the answer choice that restates the relevant part of the passage. Thus, this answer choice is a distractor. Irrelevant.

*Answer Choice G: This is another answer choice that makes sense. It’s certainly not crazy to think that Fran’s mom is telling her not to put off an important decision because Fran tends to put off important decisions. But, the passage does not say so. Thus, this is also a distractor. Irrelevant.

*Answer Choice H: This is the correct answer choice because it restates what the passage says in lines 86-87. Right before those lines, Fran’s mom asks if Fran is going to invite Linda Rose and the baby for a visit, and Fran says that she hasn’t thought that far. Fran’s mom then tells her not to put it off, following up by reminding Fran that Linda Rose has “been waiting for 25 years.”

*Answer Choice J: This one is completely off. Nothing in the passage suggests that Fran’s mom thinks Linda Rose is in trouble. Distractor. Irrelevant.

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