ACT Questions Explained: Reading Question 5

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This is a walk-through of ACT Practice Test 1, Reading Question 5. The question appears on page 181 of the ACT Red Book (the only book that has *real* ACT questions/tests).


This is a straightforward question – no translation needed. Remember, 3 places to look for main points of a paragraph are:
*First Sentence (often – not always – a topic sentence)
*Last Sentence (often – not always – a reiteration of big idea)
*Repeated ideas

*Answer Choice A: Fran’s mother says that Fran shouldn’t worry about disappointing Linda Rose. If answer choice A were true, it would provide a reason for Fran not to worry – if someone has few illusions about you, they’re unlikely to be let down by seeing the “real” you. In that light, answer choice A makes sense. Problem is – Fran’s mother doesn’t indicate that this is what she believes. She just tells Fran not to worry because Fran’s her flesh and blood mother and that will be enough (to keep Linda Rose from feeling disappointed by Fran).

*Answer Choice B: This one’s from Mars. Nothing that even hints of this in the relevant part of the passage. Irrelevant.

*Answer Choice C: It’s correct because it says exactly what Fran’s mom tells Fran in the last paragraph: “Don’t worry, Fran – Linda Rose won’t be disappointed in you because you’re her mom.” (paraphrasing) That’s not just the main idea of the last paragraph – it’s the *only* idea in the last paragraph.

*Answer Choice D: Like B, totally irrelevant. If you think D (or B) somehow restates the relevant part of the passage (words that could be reasonably construed as main point of last paragraph) let me know in the comments, and I’ll respond.

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