ACT Questions Explained: Reading Question 9

This is a walk-through of ACT Practice Test 1, Reading Question 9, from the ACT Red Book (the only book that has *real* ACT questions/tests). This question is on page 181.


The question asks you about a ‘reasonable” conclusion that Fran and her mom draw about Linda Rose. That’s a little misleading because it suggests that the answer choices might contain 2 or more conclusions that Fran and her mother draw, and you’ll have to decide which of those are reasonable/reasonable. That is not the case. The answer choices offer only 1 conclusion that Fran and her mother draw in the passage. The rest of the answer choices are not conclusions that Fran and her mother draw (based Linda Rose’s picture and letter).

So, translate this question to read something like: “In the passage, what conclusion do Fran and her mother make about Linda Rose, based on her picture and letter?”

*Answer Choice A: There’s a painting of the sea in Linda Rose’s picture (line 44) and the passage indicates that Linda Rose is from Dallas (line 9). But that certainly doesn’t mean that Linda Rose lives near the coast of Texas! Irrelevant.

*Answer Choice B: There’s a painting of the sea in Linda Rose’s picture (line 44) but it is described as “dime-a-dozen” which means common/unremarkable. That contradicts “fine” which means excellent. We can’t assume Linda Rose “enjoys” the painting just because it’s in the picture. For all we know, she can’t stand the painting. Contradicted/Irrelevant.

*Answer Choice C: On line 75, Fran’s mother says that Linda Rose looks just like Fran. On lines 10-11, Fran mentions that Linda Rose’s handwriting looks like hers. So, the passage does say that both Fran and her mother conclude that Linda Rose bears a strong “resemblance” to Fran. This is the correct answer.

*Answer Choice D: There’s nothing at all in the passage to suggest – let alone spell out – that Linda Rose doesn’t care about her appearance or the appearance of her house. The dime-a-dozen seascape certainly doesn’t suggest this. For all we know, Linda Rose thinks the seascape is gorgeous and improves the appearance of her house. Irrelevant.

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