ACT Questions Explained: Reading Question 3

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This ACT test prep video is from my ACT Questions Explained series. This installment is a walk-through of ACT Practice Test 1, Reading Question 3, from the ACT Red Book (the only book that has *real* ACT questions/tests).

The question appears on pg. 181.


This is a “not” type question, which means the process is backward. Normally, we eliminate 3 distractors that fail to restate the relevant part of the passage and identify 1 OPR (on-point restatement). In this type of question, that process is reversed: the correct answer choice will be the *only* one that is not an OPR.

When facing these question types, it’s very important to put a symbol next to the word “not” (or “except,” etc.) to remind yourself that you’re doing the opposite of what you’d normally do. Under stress, you fall back on your training, so don’t just tell yourself you’ll remember to mark the “not”s on the actual exam – do it during practice!

It doesn’t matter what mark you use, as long as it’s something you can write quickly and is always the same (so you don’t have to think about it even for 1 second…time is points, friend!)

Fran’s reaction to the news that she is a grandmother is in lines 63-73 (just after Fran’s mom says, “You’re a grandmother” on line 62).

*Answer choice A is eliminated as a distractor because it’s an OPR of lines 66-68, in which Fran says that, normally, people have time to “adjust to the idea” of being a grandmother.

*Answer choice B is correct because it contradicts what Fran says about inviting Linda Rose in lines 83-85.

*Answer choice C is eliminated as a distractor because it’s an OPR of lines 64-66, in which Fran indicates that she feels old (“I felt as if I had just shaken hands with Death.”)

*Answer choice D is eliminated as a distractor because it’s an OPR for lines 72-73, where Fran says, verbatim, “It’s not fair…I don’t even feel like a mother.”

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