ACT Reading Tactics: Focus on the Passage

Many people understand that the answer to every single ACT reading question is right there in the passage. Unfortunately, people’s tactics aren’t always in alignment with that truth.

When answering an ACT reading question, people’s first instinct is often to go straight to the answer choices. However, except for a very limited class of questions, that is not the best approach. After all, if the answer you need is in the passage, why are you staring at the distractors (i.e., the answer choices, 3 of which are carefully crafted for the very purpose of distracting and confusing you)?

The first thing you should do on (most) ACT reading questions is go to the passage…and find the answer! Then, go to the answer choices and focus first and foremost on elimination. Identifying the correct answer is the last step.

This tactic isn’t compatible with every single ACT reading question, but it is the best approach on most. Executed with consistency, this tactic alone can help increase your score!

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