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ACT Reading Tactics: Focus on the Passage

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Many people understand that the answer to every single ACT reading question is right there in the passage. Unfortunately, people’s tactics aren’t always in alignment with that truth. When answering an ACT reading question, people’s first instinct is often to go straight to the answer choices. However, except for a very limited class of questions, that is not the best… Read more »

ACT English Question Types: Redundancy

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A key to doing well on ACT English is being able to quickly identify question types and their rules/tactics. A common question type is the redundancy question. As long as you identify these questions correctly, they are relatively easy. But students often fail to identify them. For practice, I recommend going through a full English section (official exams only) and… Read more »

How to Self-Prep for the ACT (Pt. 2) Focus Fire: Weaknesses

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Though in the grand scheme of things it often behooves you to focus on your strengths, when you’re prepping for the ACT or SAT, it usually makes more sense to target your weaknesses. This is because it’s usually easier to gain points on the sections where your score is lowest. Especially when you’re first getting started, that low score is… Read more »