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How to Master ACT English Comma Questions, Pt. 1

Quiz Hacker Test Prep ACT English Cheat Sheets

Quiz Hacker Cheat Sheets ACT English Comma Questions Part 1: Non-essential Phrases Before getting into the specifics of the ACT English section, we need to talk a little bit about how to approach the section as a whole. Strategically, English is probably the most straightforward section of the exam (the possible exception being math). There are really only 2 things… Read more »

ACT Grammar – Sentence Fragments (Part 1)

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Grammar questions account for up to 65% of ACT English. If you’re not a grammar geek, that may sound like bad news. But, here’s the thing – the ACT tests a small handful of grammar rules over and over, in very predictable ways. Thus, you don’t need to become a grammar expert to crush it. To win ACT English, just follow… Read more »