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ACT English & SAT Writing & Language Cheat Sheet

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Quiz Hacker’s ACT and SAT Grammar Cheat Sheet gives you all the grammar rules tested on the SAT and ACT. It also features powerful tactics for SAT and ACT rhetoric questions.

On the ACT & SAT “Grammar” Sections, Is Shorter Better?

Demonstrate Tall versus Short

Rumor has it that on ACT English and SAT Writing & Language, shorter is better. Is the rumor true? Yes and no. The shortest answer is NOT always the correct answer. This should be obvious to anyone who has taken an official SAT or ACT. However, under certain conditions, the shortest answer WILL always be correct. Here are the conditions:… Read more »

How to Master ACT English Comma Questions, Pt. 1

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Quiz Hacker Cheat Sheets ACT English Comma Questions Part 1: Non-essential Phrases Before getting into the specifics of the ACT English section, we need to talk a little bit about how to approach the section as a whole. Strategically, English is probably the most straightforward section of the exam (the possible exception being math). There are really only 2 things… Read more »

ACT Grammar – Sentence Fragments (Part 1)

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Grammar questions account for up to 65% of ACT English. If you’re not a grammar geek, that may sound like bad news. But, here’s the thing – the ACT tests a small handful of grammar rules over and over, in very predictable ways. Thus, you don’t need to become a grammar expert to crush it. To win ACT English, just follow… Read more »