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SAT Reading Function Questions

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What's The Point?

Function questions are common on SAT Reading and are usually easy to recognize. Though the phrasing varies, all Function Questions ask essentially the same thing: “Why did the author say X?” (where X stands for the specific phrase or sentence from the passage that is cited in the question). For example, on Official SAT Practice Test 1, Question 19 is… Read more »

Why Your ACT / SAT Score Isn’t Improving, Part 2

Quiz Hacker SAT & ACT Test Prep Videos

In part 2, I get more specific about why mindless grinding is the wrong way to approach ACT/SAT reading. In short, you need to be methodical about following 4 specific steps (see vid). This is slow going at first, but with consistent practice it becomes automatic. That’s the goal of practice/training – to optimize your instincts and automatic behaviors so… Read more »

ACT Reading Tactics: Focus on the Passage

Quiz Hacker SAT & ACT Test Prep Videos

Many people understand that the answer to every single ACT reading question is right there in the passage. Unfortunately, people’s tactics aren’t always in alignment with that truth. When answering an ACT reading question, people’s first instinct is often to go straight to the answer choices. However, except for a very limited class of questions, that is not the best… Read more »

How to Beat the Clock on ACT Reading – Part 2

How to Beat the Clock on ACT Reading

Time can easily slip away from us when we get caught up in reading. Though that’s usually a good thing, it can create problems on the ACT. Completing the ACT reading section within the time limit is a challenge for many, many students. In Part 1, I discussed the critical relationship between mastery and speed. If you haven’t yet read… Read more »

How to Beat the Clock on ACT Reading – Part 1

Time Management Strategies for the ACT and SAT tests.

For most students, even high-scoring students, the time pressure on ACT reading is much greater than it is on the English section. It’s just a lot harder to achieve a winning balance of speed and accuracy on the reading section. However, that doesn’t change the fundamental principle of ACT time management: mastery = speed. If you don’t believe me, try… Read more »