Cut Your Prep Time in Half with This Simple Hack

Would you like to cut your time doing SAT or ACT test prep in half, but still get the same results? Of course you would. The surprising truth is that it’s possible…if you take the steps to stop wasting half your study time by forgetting what you’ve “learned.”

Fact: Within 20 minutes of a class or study session, you LOSE 42% of what you “learned.”

Fact: Within an hour, you’ve lost 56%.

Problem: how to not be that guy.



3 Steps:
1) Review the key ideas about 2 hrs. after first learning them (and yes, that prolly means you’ll have to take notes).
2) Review again in 2 days.
3) Review 3 or 4 more times over the next week (including quizzing yourself), and…BAM – the info is with you for life.

Sounds like a pain, right? Maybe so. But what’s more annoying: knowing that well over HALF your study time did you absolutely NO GOOD on test day, or adding a few quick review sessions?

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