How to Find a Good Test Prep Tutor

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Fancy diplomas, perfect SAT/ACT scores, carrying oneself with an air of pretension…these things sometimes impress people who are looking for a good test prep tutor. But they shouldn’t.

When it comes to prep tutoring, there’s really only one thing that matters – results. Assuming of course that the tutor is ethical and not a bummer to work with, all you really need to concern yourself with is his or her track record.

Can the tutor refer you to a list (the longer the better) of students who have significantly increased their scores? If so, you’ve probably found your guy or gal. If not, probably not.

The only (sort of) caveat is this – if a tutor claims to have a great track record yet uses unofficial tests…I’d scrutinize that list of references carefully. With the possible…maybe…exception of the math section, it is very difficult to produce optimal score gains if you’re not working with official practice tests.

The bottom line: look for a tutor who is ethical, friendly, and produces results. That’s no guarantee, but it’s the best gauge of whether that tutor can help you get what you came for – a significant score increase!

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