Quiz Hacker Student Gets A Perfect ACT Score!

Many students dream of achieving a perfect ACT score of 36. At Quiz Hacker, we help you turn those dreams into reality. Below is a recent review from a real student who hit the jackpot on the ACT.


“David was an incredible and passionate teacher. When I first started taking practice tests, I was scoring around 34. However, after David’s tutoring, I received a 36 on my first attempt at the ACT.

“He knows exactly what to do for the ACT. His explanations were always incredibly clear, his homework always helped me in later exams, and I never felt like a minute was wasted in class. His noting taking strategy and tips were very helpful for reviewing, as I knew exactly what to review the day before the exam.

“Outside of the exam itself, he provided plenty of tips for mentally and physically preparing for both the test day and the days leading up to it. I cannot recommend him enough, as I would not have been able to do as well as I did without his great tutoring.”
~ B.

Quiz Hacker Test Prep can help you follow in B’s footsteps. To find out how, contact us!

lPerfect ACT Score 36

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