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Outstanding Tutor – ACT composite went from 28 to 33

David is an OUTSTANDING tutor if you want serious prepping for the ACT. My son loved his methods of teaching from day one. Today we received my son’s September ACT test scores and I am extremely pleased. The first time my son took the ACT back in April (totally unprepared), his scores in English, Reading and Science were, 27, 29, and 27 respectively. After engaging with David over the summer (once or twice a week), my son took the test again. HIs scores were 35, 33, and 34 respectively. (I did not including the Math score because we had a different tutor for Math). In any case, a solid five point gain on his composite score is clearly significant – it places him in the top 1% bracket nationally. His composite score could have been higher if it weren’t for his lower score in Math, where he got a 28, but the high scores in the other sections helped bring his composite score up high. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DAVID. Thank you, David. You are awesome.

— Mina

The Very Best ACT Tutor — Incredible Results!

If you want your son or daughter to VASTLY improve their ACT scores, David is, without question, the tutor you need. With David’s amazing help, my 16 year old son went from a 31 in English to a 35! And from a 29 in Reading to a 34! David is a remarkable test prep tutor because he is clear, patient, organized, and EXCEPTIONALLY knowledgeable about the ACT and EXACTLY how it works. On the personal side, my son found David to be enthusiastic, supportive, and full of great tips to maximize his scores. Finally, David instills confidence in your child, perhaps the most key ingredient when preparing for the SAT or ACT. We are grateful and consider ourselves fortunate to have found him — DAVID gets our HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.

— Rachel

Amazing tutor

My daughter was looking for a crash course in Science for her upcoming and final ACT exam. She had scored high in Math and English but she said the Science section was like a foreign language to her even though she had taken biology, chemistry and physics. She only had three weeks before her final ACT exam, so we knew our chances of finding a tutor who could fit us in would be slim. After looking at many tutoring companies which charged a fortune and you had to do a set amount of sessions, I came across the Wyzant website on a google search. After putting in my criteria for a tutor I then reviewed the list of tutors sent to me by Wyzant. There were many qualified but after reading through all of the bio’s I choose David W. His tutoring session was offered via Skype. When I discussed this with my daughter, she was very skeptical about doing it via Skype but we decided to give one session a try and if she didn’t feel it was helpful we wouldn’t continue. After the first session was over my daughter turned to me and said “that was so helpful”. “He broke things down so I understood the problems and told me what portion of the problems I should ignore”. We ended up doing 3 one hour sessions with David and after each session he assigned homework. He was honest with my daughter from the beginning and said if she was not willing to do the homework assignments it was pointless to do the tutoring sessions. My daughter told David she would do them. After receiving my daughters final ACT scores her score went from a 29 to a 31. Up 2 points! We were ecstatic. With only 3 cram sessions we were only hoping for 1 point improvement. If you are looking for an amazing tutor, I would definitely give David a try. You will not be sorry.

— Heidi

Fantastic Tutor for the ACT!

I would highly recommend David to anyone looking for a tutor for the ACT. My daughter began working with David this past summer…between vacations and other summer activities…to prepare for the upcoming September ACT. She was specifically looking to increase her scores on the English and Science portions of the test. Ultimately, her goal was to raise her composite score from a 29 to a 30. We (my daughter, my husband and I) all found working with David to be great. To start, he is very accessible. Whenever my husband and I had questions, David made himself available to talk. Also, David is quite flexible. Even though he is in California and we’re in CT, we never had an issue trying to find a convenient time for a tutoring session. David was also able to connect well with our daughter – explaining things in a way that made them clear and easy to digest. He also provided great insight into how the ACT tends to structure their questions and provided excellent tips for how to approach those questions. In the end, the tutoring sessions with David had great results. My daughter increased her English score from 28 to 35! In addition, she increased her Science score from 25 to 28. All in all, under David’s guidance, my daughter was able to increase her ACT composite score from 29 to 32! So again, if you are looking for an ACT tutor, I would highly recommend David.

— Lisa

Great ACT Prep Tutor

David is an excellent tutor. He is always ready, patient, and gives great feedback. I specifically used David for ACT prep. After I took the ACT on my own. I completed 13 sessions with David and I had great increases in all subjects that he tutored me on. Here’s what I got for point increases: Composite: +4 English: +4 Reading: +4 Science: +7 With his help, I am able to apply to the Air Force ROTC with a great chance of getting a scholarship and I’m also eligible for the Bright Futures Scholarship in my state! Thanks for all your help and encouragement, David!

— Julie

Extremely Positive Experience!

After searching for a tutor for our son that not only fit his hectic schedule, but was also a good “fit” we fortunately found WyzAnt and David. We couldn’t be more pleased with both!! Personally, I was initially skeptical of the online tutoring option, but when I mentioned it to my son he was all for it! What made it even better was the fact that David is in California and we in NJ. The time difference worked out very well for both of us since we were able to schedule time that worked with all of our schedules. The convenience of not having to take time to drive him or be home with him for tutoring sessions was a huge plus. I was even able to observe during the lessons by logging into the Skype session. After observing one session I was very comfortable that David would be a good fit for us. Our son has taken the ACT test 2x, once without any real test prep, and once after working with David. He had just 6 sessions with David over a number of weeks leading up to the ACT test. In this short amount of time he increased his ACT English score by 4 points and his science by 5. We highly recommend David for test prep tutoring. We were very pleased.

— Kyle

Great ACT tutor!

David a great ACT tutor. In just 5 weeks, David helped my daughter with +3 for English, +2 for reading, and +9 for science! I highly recommend David

— Lilian