SAT Reading Answer Explanations – Practice Test 10, Question 1

This is the explanation to Question 1 from the Reading Test of Official SAT Practice Test 10, published in The Official SAT Study Guide.

Quiz Hacker Question Type: General

Quiz Hacker Difficulty Rating: 1/5 (easy).

Answer Explanation:

Answer Choice A is correct. On lines 32-33, the narrator clearly describes herself as being a student in Miss Spivey’s class.

Answer Choice B is incorrect. On lines 66-67, the passage states that Miss Spivey’s predecessor was “Miss Chandler.”

Answer Choice C is incorrect. The narrator is not anonymous because she makes it clear that she was a member of the class (see explanation to Answer Choice A) and because she names her brother on lines 33-34.

Answer Choice D is incorrect. See explanation to Answer Choice A.

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