SAT Reading Answer Explanations – Practice Test 10, Question 2

This is the explanation to Question 2 from the Reading Test of Official SAT Practice Test 10, published in The Official SAT Study Guide.

Quiz Hacker Question Type: Non-Citation

Quiz Hacker NCQ Locator: “Threestep” (or any description of the town).

Quiz Hacker Difficulty Rating: 2/5 (medium-easy).

This Non-Citation Question does not provide a strong Locator. Because the entire narrative takes place in the town of Threestep, direct or indirect descriptions of Threestep might be found anywhere in the passage. To confirm the correct answer, the test-taker must scan large portions of the text and synthesize information from different sections.

The passage does make the correct answer very clear, and the passage provides no plausible support for any of the wrong answers, so this is not a difficult question. However, the lack of a strong NCQ Locator isolating the answer in a small portion of the passage upgrades this Non-Citation Question from easy to medium-easy.

Answer Explanations:

Answer Choice A is incorrect. The passage does not provide any support for the idea that the town is a retreat for vacationers.

Answer Choice B is correct. Lines 57 – 58 indicate that Threestep has a one-room school house containing twenty-six students across seven grades. This is typical not of large cities or even medium-sized towns, but of small towns. Also, on lines 53 – 54, the passage describes Threestep as a “remote and forgotten corner of America.” In this context, “remote” means to be far away from the main centers of activity in America, such as are rural towns.

Answer Choice C is incorrect. The passage makes no mention of any university being located in Threestep. On lines 30 – 38, Miss Spivey mentions Barnard College and Columbia University. However, she says they are located in New York City.

Answer Choice D is incorrect. On lines 5 – 14, the passage states that Threestep is uncomfortably hot, contradicting “comfortable” in the answer choice. On lines 17 – 20, the passage indicates that the citizens of Threestep were experiencing “hard times” and that they were poor. This also contradicts the claim that Threestep was “comfortable.” Finally, the passage nowhere indicates that Threestep was a suburb.

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