What Is the ACT Red Book? Do I Need It?

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There are actually very few worthwhile resources when it comes to ACT test prep. The ACT Red Book is one of them.

If you’e serious about increasing your score on the ACT, the Red Book is a must-have.

Why? One reason and one reason only – it’s the only book with *real* ACT practice tests. You should *never* practice with anything other than real test questions/tests written by the test maker!

Everything else in the Red Book – strategy tips, answer explanations – is of low value. But, those 5 authentic practice tests are extremely valuable for anyone serious about increasing his/her score.

NOTE – There is a more recent edition of the Red Book than the one I show in the video (and link to above). However, the new edition is *exactly* the same except the cover. The ACT just switched publishers – that’s why there’s a new edition. The new edition has a super low rating on Amazon because people bought the new edition expecting updated content. They weren’t too happy to discover it was the same book with a different cover!

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