Why Your SAT / ACT Score Isn’t Improving – Part 1

You’ve been putting in the work, but your score is going nowhere fast. Why? Chances are, your SAT or ACT score is not improving because you are mindlessly grinding – doing the test prep equivalent of busy work.

If that’s you – don’t feel bad – this is a human problem, not a *you* problem. Lots of frenzied activity tends to make people feel like they’re being productive.

Problem is, while grinding away with one eye on what you’re doing and the other on Snapchat might have been enough in HS, it doesn’t cut it in Big Boys ‘n Girls Land. If you want to avoid JC and get accepted to your college of choice, chances are you’re going to have to seriously up your game and start working smarter.

Bottom Line: slow it down. Before you go barreling through another practice test (to get – surprise! – the same result), take a second to seriously analyze your mistakes. The good colleges aren’t looking for work-horses…they’re looking for smart, creative problem solvers. Taking the time to figure out what you’re doing wrong on the ACT (and creating a scheme for avoiding doing it in the future) is as good a place as any to show you’ve “got the right stuff.”

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